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Conference-in-Denmark.com offers an easy, quick and straightforward way to plan a conference, convention, trade fair, seminar or meeting. Conference-in-Denmark.com provides contact between organisers of conferences etc. and Denmark's meeting and conference centres. It is free to use Conference-in-Denmark.com to organise conferences etc.

At Conference-in-Denmark.com, you can choose between 500 meeting and conference venues in every part of Denmark. You will find all the largest conference centres, convention centres, exhibition centres and training centres experienced in organising large-scale events such as a conference, convention, trade show, training course, exhibition etc. If you need to set up a more modest event, you will find hotels and holiday centres providing meeting rooms with up-to-date meeting facilities and fully equipped meeting rooms, business centres, group rooms and showrooms. At Conference-in-Denmark.com, you can search for these facilities as well as parking, restaurants, capacity, table arrangements, accommodation, WiFi, environmental and availability labelling and much more.

At Conference-in-Denmark.com, you can find available meeting and conference venues quickly and easily searching by area/city, facilities, capacity etc. Through our system, you can then contact the conference centre or training centre of your choice or contact a professional congress organiser (PCO). You will receive an answer to your inquiry within 72 hours. It is an easy, quick and straightforward way to organise a conference or a meeting.

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