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Dronninglund Slot

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Slotsgade 8, 9330 Dronninglund
Dronninglund Slot
For more than 800 years Dronninglund Castle has contributed to the Danish history through its changing owners from the royal family to aristocracy and well-known squires. Each and every one of them has made their impact on the old and venerated castle.

In the 12th century, nuns from the Benedictine monastic order found the natural beauty of the area very suitable for the establishment of the original Hundslund Monastry, as the Castle is formerly known.

Today the historical buildings of Dronninglund Castle provide the framework for a well-appointed and functional hotel and training centre, suited to the buildings' very special possibilities. The castle has 23 beautiful, well-appointed rooms, conference suites with every modern technical facility and its own gourmet restaurant. Adjoining the castle is a magnificent park and a very pretty church. The old traditional buildings and the natural surroundings make this an ideal and inspirational venue.

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