Professional conference organiser (PCO)

At, you can choose to employ a professional conference organiser, a so-called PCO.

By using a professional conference organiser, you can get a comprehensive quotation for your event and get it tailored to suit your needs and wishes exactly. You will then be able to focus on content and leave all the rest to the professional conference organiser, who will take care of everything from accommodation and participant registration to dinners, transportation, events and more.

Click the green button and fill in a form listing your needs and wishes for an event. The
inquiry will be sent directly to one or more professional conference organisers.

You can choose:

ICS - Motivational Events
Your conference & event expert in Copenhagen & Denmark ICS

Motivational Events is a vibrant event design, planning and management company dedicated to providing professional services and innovative ideas. Most importantly, ICS is committed to their clients and their desire for excellence.

ICS recognizes that every client is unique. As a result of ICS's business experience and corporate network, ICS is able to understand the individual requirements and work closely through each step of the planning process - right up to the delivery of a successful event.

ICS's fresh approach to creating customized and cost effective event solutions has won commendation from some of the World's most respected organizations.

ICS guarantees excellent quality, while you save money and time.
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