Useful answers and questions for when you are organising a conference in Denmark

Who is Conference-in-Denmark.com?

Conference-in-Denmark.com is a website listing and presenting Danish providers of meeting and conference facilities. The website aims to offer a quick and easy way to search among the many conference centres, convention centres, trade fair centres, training centres meeting hotels etc. and to provide contact between people who are setting up a conference or meeting and Danish conference and meeting venues.

Conference-in-Denmark.com is run and maintained by TouristOnline.

How do I find the ideal meeting or conference venue?

At Conference-in-Denmark.com, you can specify a range of search criteria to find meeting and conference venues that match your needs. The more search criteria you specify, the more individualised and manageable the list of venues will be. You can read about the various meeting and conference venues and view pictures of them as well. When you have found a venue that suits you, you can use the Conference-in-Denmark.com inquiry system by clicking "send inquiry". Your search criteria will then be transferred automatically to the inquiry page, and all you have to do is fill in your contact info and any additional information you think might be useful to the venue. You can choose to send an inquiry straight to the meeting or conference venue or to contact a professional conference organiser (DMC).

If you need to organise a large conference, congress or trade fair, you may want to contact a professional conference organiser without doing a specified search. You can do this from the front page of Conference-in-Denmark.com. When you have sent your inquiry, you will receive an online confirmation as well as an email confirming that your inquiry has been sent. Within 72 hours, you will be contacted by the meeting or conference venue or by a professional conference organiser if you decided to contact one of those.





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